Company Overview

EBC Financial Group is based in the Square Mile, at the heart of the financial district in the City of London.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible technology and liquidity services through our access to an extensive selection of Tier 1 banks, ECNs and non-bank liquidity pools, which enables our clients to execute critical investing, trading and risk decisions with confidence.

In doing so we give our clients a solution tailored to their specific business requirements which helps them  react  quickly  to  market and business  changes.

EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales under Company number 12503674 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Registration Number:927552 ).

EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd execute Client transactions trading via STP (Straight Through Processing) technology. We have no Dealing Desk and the Firm takes no market risk, we act as a Matched Principle Broker as defined by the FCA this means that all Client trades are automatically sent to our Liquidity Providers.

This platform enables us to give our Clients the best fills available on all transactions,the tightest dealing spreads and a more satisfactory outcome.

EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd creates revenue through spreads on pricing and / or an agreed fee structure with the client. Our aim is to establish and build long term relationships with our Clients, to work with them to reach their goals.

Meet Our

Management Team

EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd was founded by Financial Market veterans with decades of experience
working for Tier One institutions around the world.

David Barrett

Director of EBC, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer 

EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd

David has over thirty-five years of experience specialising in Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Commodities, Derivatives and CFD’s. While much of that time has been spent working in Tier One Institutions, David has also specialised in building and restructuring smaller businesses. This experience has allowed him to develop a broad knowledge of all aspects of strategy, business management, product development, derivative structuring, funding and management oversight in these product areas. 

As a Consultant and employee, David has worked with Tier One Investment Banks, Family Offices, Brokerages and FinTech companies in various international locations. Helping with trading, risk management, monitoring and oversight of operational process as well as balance sheet management and business strategy.  He has seen numerous full economic and business cycles, their causes, effects and resulting consequences in a risk management, governance and regulatory changes. These cycles span the Plaza Accord in ’85, the Asian crisis of ’97 to the global financial crisis in’07.

He was part of the team that aided the unwinding process at Banque AIG, a subsidiary of AIG Financial Products, following the Global Financial crisis in 2007 reporting to senior officials from the AIG Inc, Global Regulators and counterparties. During this period, he participated in the management committees that oversaw unwinding of existing risk trades and structures as well as being appointed risk manager for the London branch during part of this process. He gained first-hand knowledge of how stressed risk and governance environments affect the functioning of a business and the importance of learning from these occurrences.

During his professional career, David has developed an in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment, having worked for authorised firms for the majority of his career and having set up his own FCA authorised brokerage firm, which he sold to outside investors.

Christopher Potts

Director of EBC, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer 

EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd

Chris has over twenty years’ experience in all areas of Foreign Exchange, Middle Office and Operations. After working for Tier One Banking Institutions, he established and ran all aspects of the Operations and Middle Office departments for FIXI PLC, previously one of the largest UK Brokerage Houses In the UK.  

He was responsible for sourcing, testing and the deployment of the systems necessary to support the growth of the business, from the back-office risk monitoring system, to a wide variety of trading platforms, to building out in-house technology. Chris was also involved in the onboarding and maintaining of several Prime Brokerage relationships for the Firm.

During Chris’s time in the industry, he has lived through various economic events including 2008 when the global banking system broke down, to more recent times when Swiss National Bank unexpectedly removed the peg, thus causing huge currency moves as well as Brexit.

Chris understands the value of process, controls, and communication. All of these qualities helped to navigate through those challenging events. The ability to adapt and constantly improve business infrastructure is a massive asset to EBC.

Helping to build the EBC financial brand and driving the business forward is an exciting challenge and prospect for this seasoned professional.

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EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd specialize in Eligible and
Professional Clients only, we do not cater for Retail Clients.